Applying for a Ghanaian visa

Ghanaians do not need a visa to visit Ghana. 🙂

For non-Ghanaians who may like to visit Ghana, I have collected reports of the process from friends for you.

Citizens of many countries have the option of getting a visa before departure or visa on arrival . It’s recommended to get your visa before travelling. Saves you a lot of time and stress.

How to apply for a Ghanaian visa


Identify the Embassy of Ghana in your city or country.


Gather all necessary documents for your application. This usually includes a valid passport, hotel and flight reservation, invitation letter (if invited by someone in Ghana), passport picture and application fee. A complete list of required documents can be found on the Ghanaian Embassy website in your country.


Attend the interview in person or post your application to the Ghanaian embassy. When submitting your application in person, be prepared to answer questions about your host (if being invited) or have some knowledge about Ghana.

Step 4

Wait patiently to collect your passport or for your passport to be returned to you.

Vaccinations needed for Ghana

You need to take good care of yourself wherever you go to. It usually recommended to visit your doctor 6-8 weeks before you travel to discuss travel health issues such as safe drinking water, foods to eat/avoid or insect bites.

There are a numerous vaccinations listed for a foreigner to have before travelling to the tropics, especially one in Africa.  Assess your health by talking to your doctor and advise yourself on which vaccinations to take. If you want all 7 or 10 vaccinations, go for it!

The yellow fever (one of the many) vaccination is definitely needed before you go to Ghana. You may be asked to show your yellow fever card before boarding your plane to Ghana or upon arrival in Ghana.

Insect bites

Insect bites are inevitable and one of the dangerous ones will be from the very tiny insect called a mosquito. Their bites lead to a serious and sometimes deadly disease (when not treated early) called malaria.

Unfortunately, you cannot be vaccinated against malaria and have to take precautions against these mosquito bites. Cover yourself up with long clothing especially in the evenings, buy and use mosquito repellents when staying outdoors for long periods in the evenings (in fact, use them all day!), sleep in a mosquito net when necessary, have antimalarial tablets (prescribed by your doctor or get this over the counter in any pharmacy in Ghana)

Go to Ghana with an open mind, enjoy all what Ghana has to offer and be street smart! 🙂

Planning a trip to Ghana and not sure where to visit? Contact our friends at Sylgam to organize exciting and safe adventures for you!

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