Tanzania Visa Info for Ghanaians

It is a known fact that travelling within Africa from an African country can be quite expensive but that should not stop you from exploring the continent to be well-informed about our diversity and vast cultures.

In this post, i will share my experience travelling to Zanzibar using the Ghanaian passport and what you can expect if you plan on visiting.


Ghanaians do not need a visa when visiting Tanzania.


Taken @ Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, Zanzibar. (Oct. 2018)


You must have a valid passport, return ticket and most important, your yellow fever card.





A health officer will inspect the yellow fever card before you are allowed to go through immigration.



Arrival form to be filled by passengers  who do not require a visa.


Simple! 🙂 No money was taken from me.

If you are not Ghanaian, find out whether you need a Tanzanian visa here.

Note: Immigrations laws change. For African countries, it is very likely not to have change in visa policies recorded on their immigration websites. It is recommended to email or call the embassy/consulate. Airlines may also have up to date visa info.

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