Getting married in Germany

The process is not straight forward for foreigners that is why many go to Denmark to get married and we as Africans go through more scrutiny.

Start planning as soon as possible since it takes some time to receive the registrar’s certificate to get married.

General documents required

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Legal statement from your country that you are free to marry (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis)
  • Proof of being single (Ledigkeitsbescheinigung) if your country does not issue the so-called Ehefähigkeitszeugnis
  • Residence permit in Germany
  • Financial statement

How to go about it

  1. Book an appointment with the local standesamt to file a notice of marriage. You will receive a list of the required documents. The list is dependent on your country of citizenship and residence status in Germany.For Ghanaians (should be applicable to other Africans), you would need to provide the required documents listed above or see image below (in German). All documents provided must be translated to German by a certified translator


WhatsApp Image 2019-05-08 at 20.45.32

Ghana issues no document such as the Ehefähigkeitszeugnis or Ledigkeitsbescheinigung. In this case, we are exempted from providing such document

2. The local standesamt will inform the German embassy in Ghana about your decision to get married in Germany. They, in Ghana, would conduct their investigation and relay the results to the standesamt that, there are or aren’t any hindrances to you getting married in Germany

You will need to provide them with the following:

  • statutory declaration about your premarital status sworn before a notary public. This should be done by one of your parent. If not alive, the head of the family
  • sketch the route to your house in Ghana or where you lived before moving to Germany
  • sketch the route to your parents place of residence. If both parents are not alive, you will provide a sketch to your family house
  • sketch the route to a family member’s house
  • a list of all the schools you attended and the period you attended. You need to sketch the routes as well
  • sketch the route to the notary public either of your parents made the statutory declaration

For the embassy to go ahead with this investigation, you need to pay some money (see image below). The money paid is dependent on the number of regions you have lived.

If you lived and went to school in Accra, you pay 300EUR for this investigation. If you lived in Accra and went to school in Central Region, you pay 350EUR. The more ‘scattered’ your life is in Ghana, the more you pay. This has to do with the distance needed to travel.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-08 at 20.47.37

3. Wait for a couple of months for the investigation to be completed. This could take between 3-6 months or longer. You will receive a notice from your local standesamt about the total cost to file your notice of marriage based on your earnings

4. Get married within the next 6 months after receiving the registrar’s certificate. Failure to do so means starting the process all over again. You don’t want that. Do you? 🙂

Useful links
Requirements for Ghana (Bayern)
State certified translators

** (post is based on an experience of a Ghanaian getting married to a German. They both live in Germany and have no previous marriages) **

Featured image credit: Sefa Nkansa

Disclaimer: I am not a legal advisor or work with the German authorities. The information presented is purely to share an experience you can relate to if you are African.


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