My name is Jennifer, my close pals call me Jennie :). When i am not travelling around the world for work, i'm vacationing somewhere awesome with my friends.
The name is Jennie. When not travelling the world for work, i’m vacationing somewhere awesome with friends or just chilling in bed.

The idea to start recording my visa application experiences birthed from my frustration during visa applications using the Ghanaian Passport and very often assisting friends or family with their applications.

I know many Africans have at one point in time faced the visa application dilemma so i put this blog together recording my experiences and asking my friends from Ghana and other African countries to share their experiences with me to share with someone who may need it.

There are quite a number of websites dedicated to discussing visa application processes which i have opened many times. They have usually helped me but i could very often not relate to their experiences; another reason i came up with this to look at it from the african perspective.

I will also document my travels and experiences as a Ghanaian expat in Germany.

~Happy Reading!~